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 Brikettierpresse FCB112 mit Aufbrechwelle  Brikettierpresse FCB112 mit Aufbau
FCB112 with force-out wave

FCB112 with push floor construction


We are setting new standards in briquetting. The FCB 112 compact system with 7.5 kW drive output is comprised of individual components like the drive unit, press unit, PLC control unit, push floor, base frame with collecting tray rotatable briquette transport tube and collecting container for press fluid, combined to form a single a unit. The FCB112 offers an outstanding price/performance ratio, because the following equipment is provided by standard:


  • PLC control unit M238 Schneider Electric, command input through 3.8 inch touch panel colored
  •  Password-protected input with classified user rights
  •  Manual and automatic operation
  •  5 available dosing recipes with filling time control and dosing time limit, briquette hardness and length control, and conveyor  screw control inc. reversal
  • Available machine configurations such as briquette container monitor, silo discharge, briquette strand measurement, coolant control and control for press mechanism cooling circuit. - Day and weekly timer, diverse level controls for silo
  • Fault message with error logging, hours of operation recording - Oil temperature and oil level safety circuit
  • Electrical hydraulic control unit for discharge
  • Connection terminals for external Start/Stop and Emergency STOP commands - Potential-free relay contacts for interfaces and remote displays





Aluminium wet pressing
Briquette diameter 61 mm
Briquette length regulation 30-80 mm
Nominal output depending on chips 100-180 kg/h
Drive output with soft starter 7.5 kW, 1500 U/min
Connected load 3x 400 VAC+N+PE, 50 Hz
Recommended pre-fusing 25 Amp.
Hydraulic oil fi lling 120 l
Weight incl. oil opening incl.Oil 865 kg
Container volume 250litre, W800xL1420xH250mm 760mm
Fill-in height 760mm
Construction height X= according to customer wishes


Brikettierpresse FCB112 mit Auswurfrohr Brikettierpresse FCB112 mit Einsatz 
FCB 112 with customer-specific discharge pipe

FCB 112, location of use directly below the chip discharge of a cutting centre





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