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Pipe shredders are employed for comminutating endless strips, cutting waste and stamping residue made from paper, film, cardboard etc. into chippings that can be suctioned. The FM shredder was designed as a modular system, developed in accordance with the latest state of the art in cutting technology and flow technology and has been manufactured with Swiss high precision.





The revolutionary, patented new development yields enormous advantages: Simple and rapid replacement of the cutting module and thus minimum shut-down time for production systems. The cutting gap can be precisely adjusted when removed, thus avoiding the need for laborious and poorly visible, risky adjustment of the cutting blades on complete shredders. The safe and precise setting of the cutting gap is carried out outside the machine and independent of the machine. It is not necessary to remove and then re-install the complete pipe shredder for the periodic sharpening of the blades. Rapid adaptation of the production system and the materials to be processed is implemented through simple and timesaving replacement of the cutting module. Likewise, future new developments can be quickly and simply retrofitted to the existing machine at any time by replacing the cutting module, bringing the machine up to the latest state of the art


The core of the FM-Shredders: The patented cutting module


  • Stator knife integrated in the cutting module; therefore, installable and adjustable in the expanded condition 
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple installation
  • Freely-adjustable stator knife
  • Can be installed in all transport systems
  • Suitable for paper foils and cardboard
  • Lubricant system expansion kit
  • Can be supplied with a precision-dosable lubrication system








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