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Medium-sized company in the best way: Small, flexible, and yet completely capable - that's how we see ourselves. In conversations with us and in the application of our products, you will come to understand the contrast between us and an anonymous large company. Reliability, flexibility, care and specialist expertise are always in the forefront of our business. We stand for Swiss quality, from development to delivery.


January 1985   Fredy Müller founded the sole-proprietorship FM Hydraulik + Maschinenbau in Udligenswil, Switzerland
Year 1987   Design and structure of the first briquette system
November 1988   Takeover of the Swiss subsidiary of Racine Hydraulics and purchase of Racine Edal AG from Gisikon
December 1988   Acquisition of office and commercial premises in Winkelbühl in Adlingenswil, Switzerland; move and consolidation of the two companies to Adlingenswil
June 1989   Additional purchase of property in Winkelbühl; office and storage space
Dezember 1989   Company name changed from Racine Edal AG to FM-Racine Hydraulik AG
April 1990   First briquette system is exported, to Sweden
Year 1992   FM-Racine Hydraulik AG focusses increasingly on the construction of briquetting presses
Year 1997   Development and construction of the first FAS and FAK push floors. The FAK series included the first oil feed integrated cylinder piston rod
January 2008   The first briquetting press with operation via touch panel is delivered
Dezember 2008   Extension of the production workshop
Year 2010   Development, design and construction of the first FM shredder RS140.
Dezember 2013   Patent for the FM shredder with easily replaceable cutting module granted.
June 2014   The company name FM-Racine is protected internationally as a brand name